Distribution Policies

Nacobre dealers are businesses or shops that sell our products in adherence to our sales policies, showing brand loyalty, solidarity and perseverance in their trade.

Characteristics of Nacobre dealers

  • Being an established business or trade with retail selling.
  • Having a commercial structure with counter sales and/or street vendors.
  • Being financially and morally solvent.
  • Generating a customer portfolio

Commercial and Credit Requirements for a Dealer

  • Be a registered taxpayer
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Two initial cash sales
  • Minimum amount to grant distribution rights, according to place of residence
  • Start inventory with product package
  • Processing of credit line
  • Brand loyalty
  • Service approach and market share
  • Honor and abide by Nacobre sales policies
  • Confidentiality regarding our sales conditions

Commercial Benefits for a Nacobre Dealer

  • Discounts
  • Priority supply of materials
  • Priority assortment of new products
  • Support in payment terms
  • Support in difficult business situations
  • Respect to customer portfolio
  • Advertising Support
  • Access to price promotions on various products
  • Applying the same Nacobre sales policy nationwide
  • Free support through our training area
  • Information about projects and tenders for works
  • Sales leads that contact Nacobre